Summer Learning

We are excited to share that Side by Side will be offering its first ever summer program,  EXCELerate Side by Side!  

Thank you to all families who completed our survey.  In order to continue planning for the start of this program, it is important that we get final confirmations from parents of those interested in attending.  PLEASE review all of the important details below before committing


What is EXCELerate Side by Side?

The EXCELerate summer program at Side by Side will be a 5 week academic reinforcement and enrichment program for current K-8 grade students attending Side by Side.  The past 12 months of the COVID pandemic were a disruption to our typical teaching & learning routines.  As we prepare for a return to normalcy at Side by Side, we are simultaneously focusing on learning recovery and how to best address any academic and/or social learning loss that may have occurred.  The EXCELerate Summer Program will provide children with a full school day of curriculum-based learning reinforcement coupled with afternoon enrichment activities. 

Who is eligible to attend?

Side by Side students *currently enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 8 are eligible to attend. (* a child’s current 2020-21 grade level)

What is the schedule and where will it take place?

The EXCELerate Summer Program at Side by Side, offered in partnership with the Carver Foundation of Norwalk, will be a full day program starting at 8:30am and ending at 3:30pm.  The program will run Monday-Friday for 5 consecutive weeks, from Tuesday July 6 – Friday, August 6.  Classes and enrichment activities will take place here at Side by Side and will be taught/facilitated by Side by Side staff

What is required of those interested?

First and foremost, a commitment to attend every day for the full 5 weeks is required of each participating student.  This is not a program for those looking to only sporadically attend. Second, we need to know ASAP if you are interested.  There are limitations to the number of students that can be enrolled.  In order to plan accurately, we need to know by April 5 if you are interested in having your child attend.

Are school bus transportation and lunch included?

Yes;  Norwalk Public School’s buses will be available for Norwalk resident students only.  Bus routes will be determined by regular school year assigned bus stops.  Buses will be dropping students off at Side by Side at 8:30am and picking up at 3:30pm. 

Yes; “brown bag” pre-made lunches will be available for those attending. Students may also bring their own lunch/snack from home. 

Is there a fee to attend? 

Yes.  A minimal fee of $150 will be required.  (Scholarship applications will also be available)

This sounds like a great opportunity at a minimal cost….How is this possible?

The EXCELerate program at Side by Side will be offered through the Carver Foundation of Norwalk, with additional funding support coming from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER).  All CT public Schools, including Side by Side, are eligible to receive granted funds from ESSER to help support specific priorities including academic support, learning loss and recovery as a result of COVID-19.  Side by Side is beyond grateful for the consistent support of The Carver Center of Norwalk and the opportunity to apply for granted monies to help meet the needs of our students and families. 


If you are interested in enrolling your child, please respond by email to no later than 4pm on Monday, April 5.  It is urgent that we begin planning curriculum and staffing for this program as soon as possible. 

In your reply, PLEASE provide the following information:

  • Student’s Name and current grade level
  • Parent/Guardians Names
  • Contact phone and email