Mission Statement

The mission of Side by Side Charter School is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed and every voice is heard. We engage our students in a challenging and relevant curriculum of the highest standard that will reflect and enhance their diversity and promote their unique gifts and talents.

We build character and responsibility through a commitment to community, social justice, and tolerance towards others. We will also support the needs of our families. We will strive to perfect the art and craft of teaching and promote excellence in our profession.

We offer parents the freedom to choose a public school that is safe, and affords the highest quality education in a racially and socio-economically integrated setting. Our school attracts both urban and suburban families.

Side by Side has a strong connection to our community. We thrive in the heart of downtown SONO, offering a wonderfully diverse and urban setting. Our location enables our students and faculty to partner with surrounding art centers, museums, Long Island science studies, festival performances, and neighboring commerce. Through challenging and enriching hands on activities, SBS focuses on high academic standards, respect, tolerance, and success.