Green Cleaning Program

An Act Concerning Green Cleaning Products in Schools

As concerns about chemicals in the environment grow, there is an effort to reduce the amount and type of chemicals people are exposed to every day. In light of this, a law was passed in 2009 by the CT legislature that requires schools to start a green cleaning program by July 2011. As a result, Side by Side implemented a Green Cleaning Program, in compliance with the requirements of the State of Connecticut Public Act 09-81, An Act Concerning Green Cleaning Products in Schools.

Side by Side uses a Chemical Management System for dispensing cleaning products, which is stored in the custodial closets/storage rooms in each of our school buildings. The components of our Green Cleaning Program as required by Connecticut Public Act 09-81 include:

  • Product names and description of environmentally preferable cleaning products being used
  • The location and application of where cleaning products are applied
  • We will continue to work towards eliminating and monitoring cleaning products being brought in from outside unauthorized sources as required by CT Public Act 09-81 (No parent, guardian, teacher or staff member may bring into the school facilities any consumer product which is intended to clean, deodorize, sanitize or disinfect.)

Note: if there is a particular illness outbreak, chemical sanitizers and disinfectants may be used in areas that might be contaminated and may only be handled by the nursing, custodial, or cleaning staff.