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Side by Side is a regional public charter school located in the heart of downtown South Norwalk. As specified in our charter, our integrated student population reflects the diversity of our surrounding community. The 235 students of Side by Side, grades Pre-K through 8th, represent several surrounding Connecticut towns and cities.

Like all charter schools, Side by Side functions independently from any local or traditional public school system. At Side by Side, our innovative approaches toward education allow us to actively and equally involve parents, teachers, and students in our day-to-day operations.

August 25, 2014

Dear SBS Families:

Happy autumn! Summer has officially ended and school year 2014-15 is off to a great start.

Thank you to all of our PreK-4th families who attended last week’s Lower School “Back to School Night.” This was a great opportunity to meet the staff and to visit your child’s classroom.We look forward to seeing all grade 5-8 families at our Upper School “BTSN” next Wednesday, 10/1.

This year we will officially be rolling-out new Common Core interdisciplinary Social Studies units in all grades. These units are the product of a great deal of collaborative work from our administration and teaching staff. It was not only important to adhere to the Common Core State Standards when developing these studies, but also to hold true to the mission of Side by Side. This means producing a rich and rigorous unit of study that is interdisciplinary (including mathematics and literacy activities throughout) while concurrently maintaining social justice themes within each unit. Although there is still some tweaking that will be required for various components to some units, most are ready to go. By grade level, these new units of study can be summarized by the following descriptions:

PreK: My place in the World; --Where children will explore self, family and home.

Kindergarten: “How we get what we need;”-- Here children transition to understanding a community based view of the world around them

1st Grade: “How do jobs contribute to the community?”—investigating jobs and the value of everyone’s contributions

2nd Grade: “Relationships between individuals and the environment.”– The Oyster industry as an example of the importance of caring for habitats

3rd Grade: “Consumer vs. Non-consumer societies”–Students look at how human actions have impacted the Long Island Sound over time

4th Grade: “Democracy and voice.”—Focus on citizenship in a democratic state

5th Grade: “Colonization and Revolutionary War.”—Looking at conflict and alliances of the Revolutionary War

6th Grade:Conflict in ancient and modern societies—Looking at how the US can learn from experiences and events that have occurred elsewhere in the world.

7th Grade: “Systems of government and their impact on the quality of life for citizens—World History—Looking at colonial and modern Japan, Greece, and Haiti

8th Grade: “Systems of government and their impact on the quality of life for citizens—19th-20th Century United States ”—Civil War, Reconstruction, the Industrial Revolution and the Civil Rights movement.

I look forward to seeing and getting to know all of you as the year progresses.If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at extension 133 or mnittoly@sbscharter.org.

Mr. Nittoly